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Here at SUTONG, we offer a wide range of high-quality random packings to suit a variety of industrial applications. Our random packings are designed to maximize the efficiency of your process, providing superior performance and durability.


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Structured Packings

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SUTONG structured packings are characterized by the Patent of ZWF Technology.ZWF means "Zero Wall Flow".Wall flow of the normal structured packing is above 30% at least, and mostly above 40%. The loss ratio of the packing separation efficiency is 15%-24%. ZWF structured packing can overcome the loss of the separation efficiency caused by wall flow. It can keep the wall flow below 2%.

Application of Structured Packings

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Discover the limitless possibilities of structured packings in diverse applications, revolutionizing industries with their efficiency, versatility, and unparalleled performance. Explore their wide-ranging uses today.

  • Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage
    Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage

    Carbon Capture, utilization and Storage is one of the key technologies to cope with global climate change. This technology is a new development trend of CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage) technology, that is, the carbon dioxide emitted in the production process is purified and then put into the new production process, which can be recycled,rather than simply storage. Compared with CCS, carbon dioxide can be recycled, which can produce economic benefits and is more practical.

  • Chemical

    At the core of chemical innovation, our mass transfer and separation solutions drive efficiency and productivity across diverse processes.

  • Petrochemical

    Pioneering the petrochemical landscape, our cutting-edge solutions ensure seamless separation and mass transfer within complex refining processes.

  • Environmental Protection
    Environmental Protection

    We have comprehensive process technology in NOx, CO2, Acid Gasesand Alcohols Esters Liquid Waste treatment .

  • Marine Ship Exhaust Gas Desulfurization & CCS
    Marine Ship Exhaust Gas Desulfurization & CCS

    From 1st January, 2020, the sulphur content of fuel used by ships sailing in global waters will not exceed 0.5% m/m. Marine ship exhaust gas desulfurization technology is a world trend, but also an important means to save the ocean. Waste gas treatment systems (desulfurization equipment, etc.) are allowed to reduce sulfur emissions on board.

  • Air Separation
    Air Separation

    Cultivating growth from the ground up, our solutions provide the essential tools for efficient fertilizer production and processing.

  • Oil & Gas & Oil Refining
    Oil & Gas & Oil Refining

    We can provide separation processtechnology in Distillation, Absorption,Extraction, Regeneration, Evaporation,Stripping and other relevant processes.

Features and Benefits

Classifications of Structured Packings

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  • Raschig Ring
    ZWF Structrued Packing

    ZWF Structrued Packings have widely used in distillation, absorption, regeneration, heat transfer, stripping, flash evaporation, and mist catching. They have high flux and high separation efficiency.
    For the strong corrosion, high pressure separation system, high viscosity liquid system, dirty block polymerization system, serious Marangoni system, shall be careful to choose suitable type. Welcome to consult with our sales engineer.

  • Pall Ring
    ZWF Gauze Packing

    ZWF Gauze Packings suitable used in multiple precise separation, fine separation, high-purity separation, cryogenic separation and air separation situations.
    ZWF Gauze Packings suitable used in multiple precise separation, fine separation, high-purity separation, cryogenic separation and air separation situations. Each meter packing bed can provide 3~12 theoretical plates, greatly reduced the column height.
    For large liquid-vapor ratio system, strong corrosion system, dirty block system, high surface tension high viscosity system, shall be careful to choose suitable type. Welcome to consult with our sales engineer.

  • Cascade Ring
    Mesh Corrugated Packingg

    Mesh Corrugated Packing keeps the advantages of gauze packing and corrugated plate packing:large flux, low pressure drop, high operation flexibility and low energy consumption. Welcome to consult with our sales engineer.

  • Saddle Ring
    Calender Structured Packing

    Calender Structured Packing is a kind of high efficiency precise packing. It has the advantages of high efficiency, low pressure drop, large flux, low liquid hold-up and good mass transfer performance. Welcome to consult with our sales engineer.

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Services we can Provide

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Leverage our comprehensive range of services, spanning from design and optimization to consulting and installation, empowering your business with expertise, efficiency, and seamless operations. Explore our offerings today.
  • Consulting and Service
    Design and Optimization

    Process Package Design
    Potential-digging Revamp
    Process Simulation and Optimization
    Process and Hydraulic Calculation
    Detailed Design of Column Internals
    Strength Design of Column Internals

  • Design and Optimization
    Consulting and Service

    Trouble-shooting and Consulting
    Start-up Guidance
    Column Internals Installation
    Guidance of Installation
    Technical Training

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