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The tower internals provides the contact place of mass and heat transfer for the gas-liquid phase and liquid-liquid phase. There are two main forms of tower internals: packing tower and tray plate tower. Packing tower internals mainly include packing, liquid distributor, liquid collector, redistributor, gas distributor, bed limiter, packing support device, demister and etc.; The internals of the tray plate tower are mainly include tray plate, liquid collector (plate tower), plate support device (plate tower), feed distributor, gas feed and distribution device and demisters.


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A complete packed tower is composed of the internals, the packings and the tower body. The tower internals and packings can make better contact between gas and liquid in the tower, so as to play the maximum production capacity and maximum efficiency of the packed tower. The design of the tower internals directly affects the operation of the entire packed tower and the performance of the packing. Also the "amplification effect" of the packed tower in addition to the inherent factors of the packing itself, the influence of the tower internals on it is also great.

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