Jiaxing Petrochemical 1200kt/a PTA Project Column Internal And Packing Completed Successfully


In Jiaxing Petrochemical 1200kt/a PTA Project complete sets of column internals and packing bidding stage, many good bidders compete for the project, after several rounds of strict review, our company's production capacity, product performance meet the strict requirements of the owner, at the same time, the owner observed and approved, our company have great achievements in the petrochemical areas, and we gain lots of goods comments in the application of Petrochemical Enterprises. Finally, our company won the bid with our high quality and price -performance.

In order to ensure delivery the internals and packing for the 15 sets of large diameter columns, all departments work together, make the working plan. Our production directors arrange the production schedule reasonably, improve the production efficiency. Our first line staff

Contribute their weekend even the evening break time, work overtime to meet the deadlines. We succeeded the completion of the production tasks in 3 months!

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