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Here at SUTONG, we offer a wide range of high-quality Liquid distributors to suit a variety of industrial applications. Liquid distributor is a very critical internal part in the packing tower. It not only affects the mass transfer efficiency, but also affects the operating elasticity of the packing.


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In order to reduce the amplification effect caused by bad liquid distribution and give full play to the efficiency of the packing, the liquid distributor must be designed in the packing tower to evenly distribute the liquid on the top of the packing bed. The mass of the initial liquid distribution not only affects the mass transfer efficiency of the packing, but also affects the operating elasticity of the packing. Therefore, the liquid distributor is a very critical internal part in the packing tower. There are many types of the distributors, and the selection is mainly based on the distribution quality, operating elasticity, processing capacity, gas resistance, levelness, and many other aspects.

Application of Liquid Distributor

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Discover the limitless possibilities of liquid distributor in diverse applications, revolutionizing industries with their efficiency, versatility, and unparalleled performance. Explore their wide-ranging uses today.

  • Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage
    Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage

    Carbon Capture, utilization and Storage is one of the key technologies to cope with global climate change. This technology is a new development trend of CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage) technology, that is, the carbon dioxide emitted in the production process is purified and then put into the new production process, which can be recycled,rather than simply storage. Compared with CCS, carbon dioxide can be recycled, which can produce economic benefits and is more practical.

  • Chemical

    At the core of chemical innovation, our mass transfer and separation solutions drive efficiency and productivity across diverse processes.

  • Petrochemical

    Pioneering the petrochemical landscape, our cutting-edge solutions ensure seamless separation and mass transfer within complex refining processes.

  • Environmental Protection
    Environmental Protection

    We have comprehensive process technology in NOx, CO2, Acid Gasesand Alcohols Esters Liquid Waste treatment .

  • Air Separation
    Air Separation

    Cultivating growth from the ground up, our solutions provide the essential tools for efficient fertilizer production and processing.

  • Oil & Gas & Oil Refining
    Oil & Gas & Oil Refining

    We can provide separation processtechnology in Distillation, Absorption,Extraction, Regeneration, Evaporation,Stripping and other relevant processes.

Features and Benefits

Classifications of Liquid Distributor

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  • Raschig Ring
    Liquid Distributor

    Make the liquid distributor from multipoint into infinite point. The distribution uniformity has an impressive promotion. Make the line distribution and surface diatribution come true. Eakage blocking design. Simple construction, Lower placeholder, Light weight, Easy installation.

  • Pall Ring
    Bed Limiter

    Bed limiter is used in combination with ST-2 Liquid distributor. It makes the liquid surface distribution. Meanwhile, it`s also used as a bed limiter.

  • Cascade Ring
    Standard Groove-tray Distributor

    With multi-function: as the vapor-liquid distributor and liquid distributor in the packing columns.
    Wide application scope: used in the process of distillation, absoption, stripping, scrubbing under non pressure, reduced pressure and pressure conditions. In Chemical, Petrochemical, Refinery, Light Industry, Pharmacy and Environmet areas.
    Good performance: high efficiency, anti-clogging, anti-entrainment; the vapor-liquid distribution evenly and with high operation flexibility.

  • Saddle Ring
    Hump Support

    Hump support is a very excellent support for random packings, and it has been widely applied. Great strength, large allowable load. Great hydraulic performance. No-blocking. Low weight. Simple construction, easy installation. High opening rate, uaually about 100%.

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Leverage our comprehensive range of services, spanning from design and optimization to consulting and installation, empowering your business with expertise, efficiency, and seamless operations. Explore our offerings today.
  • Consulting and Service
    Design and Optimization

    Process Package Design
    Potential-digging Revamp
    Process Simulation and Optimization
    Process and Hydraulic Calculation
    Detailed Design of Column Internals
    Strength Design of Column Internals

  • Design and Optimization
    Consulting and Service

    Trouble-shooting and Consulting
    Start-up Guidance
    Column Internals Installation
    Guidance of Installation
    Technical Training

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