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Column Trays

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The tray is the main component of the tray plate type tower. It is used to make two fluids in close contact and carry out mass exchange between the two phases to achieve the purpose of separating liquid mixture or gas mixture components. It is generally a round plate, with many holes, and is often provided with parts that promote close contact between the two fluids. There are a variety of different structures, mainly bubble cap tray, floating valve tray, sieve plate tray and so on.

Application of Column Trays

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Discover the limitless possibilities of column trays in diverse applications, revolutionizing industries with their efficiency, versatility, and unparalleled performance. Explore their wide-ranging uses today.

Features and Benefits

Classifications of Column Trays

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  • Raschig Ring
    Bubble cap tray

    Bubble cap tray is one of the earliest mass transfer equipment.
    Advantages: not easy to occur liquid leakage, good operation flexibility, when the liquid-vapor have larger fluctuation, the plate efficiency can be maintained almost constant, the tray plate is not easy to plug, and suitable for various materials.

  • Pall Ring
    Float Valve Tray

    Float valve tray has advantages of bubble cap tray and sieve tray, and is the most widely used column tray. Features: large production capacity, large operation flexibility, high efficiency, small pressure drop and liquid drop, low cost.
    Tip: float valve tray is not suitable for easy coking or large viscosity system.

  • Cascade Ring
    F1 Valve Tray

    F1 type float valve tray is the most widely used ballast float valve tray both in China and abroad. It is a standard float valve tray.

  • Saddle Ring
    Fixed Valve Tray

    The fixed valve tray is directly punched valves on the plate surface, valves and tray plate are as a whole.
    Main features: large production capacity, high tray efficiency, low tray pressure drop, simple structure, low cost, especially suitable for the distillation system in material self-polymerization.

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Leverage our comprehensive range of services, spanning from design and optimization to consulting and installation, empowering your business with expertise, efficiency, and seamless operations. Explore our offerings today.
  • Consulting and Service
    Design and Optimization

    Process Package Design
    Potential-digging Revamp
    Process Simulation and Optimization
    Process and Hydraulic Calculation
    Detailed Design of Column Internals
    Strength Design of Column Internals

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    Consulting and Service

    Trouble-shooting and Consulting
    Start-up Guidance
    Column Internals Installation
    Guidance of Installation
    Technical Training

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