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Partner Company for the Project

● Hunan Huaihua Shuangyang Forest Chemical Hydrogen Peroxide 5 to 7 Project (Hunan Huaihua, Year 2014)

● Hengxing Chemical 120kt/a High-performance Organosilicon Polymer Project (Neimenggu, Year 2021)

● Jiangsu Lee & Man 40kt/a Methane Chloride Project (Jiangsu Suzhou, Year 2015)

● Dongying Huatai Chemical Group Co., Ltd. 320kt/a Methane Chloride Project 1ST Phase (Shandong Dongying, Year 2021)

● Depu Chemical 30kt/a Dimethyl Carbonate Project (Shandong Xintai, Year 2013)

● Wanzhou Petrochemical (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. 80kt/a Acrylic Acid and 80kt/a Butyl Acrylate Project (Jiangsu Nantong, Year 2014)

● Hengli Petrochemical(Dalian) 2500kt/a PTA Project (Liaoning Dalian Year 2019)

● Shandong Synmiway 10kt/a Cyclohexylamine Project (Shandong Dezhou, Year 2015)

● Xinhang Energy 300kt/a Ethylene Glycol Project (Neimenggu E’erduosi, Year 2014)

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