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Here at SUTONG, we offer a wide range of high-quality random packings to suit a variety of industrial applications. Our random packings are designed to maximize the efficiency of your process, providing superior performance and durability.


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SUTONG dedicated in rearch and development of random packings since we started before 1986. With over 30 years' rich experience, we can provide you the whole solutions for your demanding of various random packings.The random packings we supplied mainly including Raschig ring, Pall ring, Intalox saddle ring (IMTP), Cascade mini ring,Super mini ring, Very special packing, Dixon rings, Teller rosette tellerette, Heilex packing and Polyhedral ball ring etc. Also,we can supply upon customers' specific requirements.

  • Metal Random Packings
  • Plastic Random Packings
  • Ceramic Random Packings

Application of Random Packings

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Discover the limitless possibilities of random packings in diverse applications, revolutionizing industries with their efficiency, versatility, and unparalleled performance. Explore their wide-ranging uses today.

Features and Benefits

Increased Resistance to Fouling and Clogging

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  • Raschig Ring
    Raschig Ring

    The raschig ring appeared in the 1920s, its diameter-to-height ratio is 1:1, the diameter is same with height. Its simple structure, convenient manufacture, low cost, is still widely used today.

  • Pall Ring
    Pall Ring

    Pall ring is developed on the basis of Raschig ring, its diameter-to-height ratio is 1:1, the diameter is same with height, but with two rows of windows on the ring wall. Compared with Raschig ring, Pall ring has large production capacity, lower pressure drop, larger operation flexibility and higher efficiency. Reference standards: HG/T21556.1-95, HG/T21556.2-95, HG/T21556.4-95.

  • Cascade Ring
    Cascade Ring

    The Cascade Mini Ring is a kind of ring packing developed on the basis of pall ring. Not only the rigidity of the packing is enhanced, but also the porosity is increased and the mass transfer efficiency is improved. Reference standards: HG/T21557.2-95, HG/T21557.1-95.

  • Saddle Ring
    Saddle Ring

    The Saddle ring has low pressure, high flux and high efficiency, and good fluid redistribution performance in the packing layer. Operative standard: HG/T21554.2-95.

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Services we can Provide

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Leverage our comprehensive range of services, spanning from design and optimization to consulting and installation, empowering your business with expertise, efficiency, and seamless operations. Explore our offerings today.
  • Consulting and Service
    Consulting and Service

    Trouble-shooting and Consulting
    Start-up Guidance
    Column Internals Installation
    Guidance of Installation
    Technical Training

  • Design and Optimization
    Design and Optimization

    Process Package Design
    Potential-digging Revamp
    Process Simulation and Optimization
    Process and Hydraulic Calculation
    Detailed Design of Column Internals
    Strength Design of Column Internals

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