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Demister fil may

Afiche sou 2021-05-19

Application Purpose:

In distillation, absorption, analysis, increase (decrease) wet and other gas (steam) liquid mass transfer, heat transfer unit operation, whether the use of packed tower or plate tower, are through the close contact and separation of two phases to promote the transfer of the same component, to achieve liquid or gas purification, increase (decrease) wet and other purposes.In the gas phase leaving the packing layer or tray in these processes, a certain number of droplets or droplets of different sizes will be entrapped;In the subsequent cooling and condensation process, tiny particles suspended in the gas phase will be formed.The gas phase chemical reactions between components may also produce smaller particles when the system being treated is more complex.In general, it is necessary to separate the droplets which are carried by the air flow. This may be done in several ways. The purpose is to:

Emission control: control the emission of harmful substances in the atmosphere, improve the quality of the environment, so as to benefit human health and plant growth, such as sulfuric acid production tower after the control of the content of acid fog emissions.

Solvent recovery: when the absorbent (solvent) is expensive to minimize the loss in the process of recycling;Or a valuable product in its own right.All need to be recycled to reduce production costs.

Refined products: whether in the distillation or absorption operation process, the entrained amount of gas foam increases, will reduce the separation efficiency and purity of the product, especially prominent in this precise separation, often on the allowable clip amount has strict, even harsh control index.

Protection equipment: when the mist is entrapped to the stationary and transmission equipment of the tower and the connecting pipes, valves and instruments between them, it will produce a variety of hazards, such as corrosion, clogging, catalyst poisoning, damage to the dynamic balance of the operating equipment, etc. Therefore, according to the different characteristics of the process, there is a control index for the allowable entrainment amount.

General types of Wire Mesh Demister:

Wire Mesh Demister, especially vertical Wire Mesh Demister is widely used in the petrochemical industry and other industries, its performance indicators are: it can remove 3~5μm of particles, and the pressure drop is not big, usually less than 250Pa.In addition, the cost is low, the operation flexibility is large, can be in the design of 30%~110% of the load operation and not reduce the efficiency, if contains solid particles, as long as the addition of washing device or the use of drawer type Demister device can be used.