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Standard Groove-tray Distributor

Afiche sou 2021-05-19

Pèfòmans karakteristik:

1. Multi-function

It is an internal device that plays four roles: liquid collection, liquid distribution, gas distribution and side line extraction.

2. Placeholder

It is a four-in-one gas-liquid distributor, and its total occupant height is about 0.5~1 m lower than that of the multi-hole tube distributor, multi-pole trough distributor and nozzle distributor.This creates favorable conditions for the transformation of multi-side plate column into a new type packed column without increasing the height of the column.

3. Anti-clogging

In the liquid layer, the heavy sinking bottom, the light material floating, the middle hole liquid flow rate is higher, dirt is difficult to block the hole.

4. The entrainment

The research and practice have proved that the difficulty of "foam entrainment" and "rising film entrainment" has been completely broken through because the dovet-tail hood and specially guided liquid tube make the gas-liquid two-phase flow separate.With the change of the opening type and liquid level, no entrainment occurs when the kinetic energy factor in the riser increases from 7 to 15.When the gas kinetic energy factor F in the riser is ≥(3.87~4.38), all the liquid flowing out from the hole φ3~φ8 without the liquid guide pipe will be entrapped.

5. High elasticity

The operating elasticity of the liquid distributor is increased from 1.5:1 to more than 10:1. It is a kind of high elastic liquid distributor.

6. Liquid level

7. The liquid level above the spray hole can be increased from H1 to H2 = H1 +△ H by changing the structure of the special guidance liquid tube and using the pressure drop of the dry plate of the trough dish gas-liquid distributor as the driving force. This is the function of the trough dish gas-liquid distributor to raise the liquid level.It is well known that when the liquid spray density of packed tower is in the decreasing range (0.2~2 [m2/m3·h]), the design spray aperture is very small and the liquid level in the hole is too low.In addition, dirt is easy to block the spray hole, which brings considerable difficulties to the engineering design.The development of the level lift function has brought a new breakthrough in the design of the liquid distributor, which effectively improves the level deviation caused by the liquid level drop, thus improving the uniformity of the spray.

8. Liquid evenly distributed

Uniform spray drop collection, liquid layer depth is large, liquid level drop is small, spray point geometric uniform distribution, so as to ensure that the liquid height of 50 mm, the maximum deviation of small hole spray amount is less than 4%.

9. Gas evenly distributed

In a variety of gas distribution plates, the gas distribution plate with rectangular riser has good gas distribution performance, which is better than the gas distribution plate with circular riser and the inclined plate liquid collector with collector ring.Although the application is very wide, inclined plate liquid collector fluid collection effect is good, little gas resistance, but due to set the bottleneck effect produced by the presence of liquid ring and gas inclined guide role in the inclined plate, easy to cause gas flow deviation, this ratio for high (packing layer height than the tower diameter) less than 1 is a fatal weakness of large tower.

10. Suitable for flash

Among all kinds of flash feed gas - liquid distributor, the trough - plate vapor - liquid distributor has the best performance.With the aid of the tube predistributor or the double (single) tangential circulation feed distributor, the phenomenon of foam entrainment and uneven liquid distribution caused by sputtering can be satisfactorily solved.

11. Easy for produced liquid.

Trough - plate vapor - liquid distributor is the best structure of multi - side - line packing column side - line recovery.As is known to all, the liquid in the collecting tray should be drained for 3-5 minutes when the side line is extracted, so the liquid level is high.When the spray density is low, the design of the sieve plate liquid distributor is low, it does not resolve the contradiction between the two.While the liquid under the low spray density above the spray hole of the trough plate vapor liquid distributor is uniformly distributed, and the high liquid level below the spray hole ensures that the side line is extracted for 3~5 minutes, and the contradiction between the two is solved easily.

12. Leakage collect

It is often encountered in industry that the upper part is a floating valve tray and the lower part is a packed tower.The liquid receiving and distributing device between the two if the multi-stage groove, porous pipe or spray nozzle distribution device is: when the float valve is blown off after the local leakage will cause uneven liquid distribution phenomenon.The discharge and leakage function of the truss-plate vapor liquid distributor eliminates the problem of uneven liquid distribution caused by the tray leakage.

13. Low pressure drop

The opening rate of the trunk-type gas-liquid distributor is more than 30%, so the pressure drop of the trunk-type gas-liquid distributor is less than the pressure drop of the dry plate of the commonly used tray, which is generally below 0.5mm Hg.

14. Good liquid mixed

The mixing performance of liquid depth and temperature is slightly inferior to or equivalent to that of multi-pole trough disk gas-liquid distributor, while the uniformity of liquid distribution is not inferior.It will be the best choice if it is located at the lower end of the packing layer in the heat extraction or mercury reflux section.