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ST-V Vane Kalite Mist Eliminator

Afiche sou 2021-05-19

ST-V Vane Type Mist Eliminator device is especially suitable for the top or side line of the tower gas phase outlet, in order to remove the Vane Type Mist Eliminator in the gas phase of fog droplets, droplets and trace solid particles.Especially when the gas phase contains trace solid particles and crystals, the new efficient Vane Type Mist Eliminator device has a strong anti-blocking performance, is the wire mesh demister device can not be replaced.A reasonable design and good performance of the Vane Type Mist Eliminator device should have the following characteristics:

The gas enters in the horizontal direction and the baffle is arranged vertically.

The Vane Type Mist Eliminator has a good liquid collection and discharge structure;

Small amount of liquid entrainment, improve the effect of Vane Type Mist Eliminator, improve the processing capacity.

For droplets larger than 5μm, the removal efficiency is generally greater than 95%.

The operation flexibility is large, usually up to 60%~120%, sometimes even as high as 40~140%.

ST-V Vane Type Mist Eliminator appliance has the advantages of high efficiency, large operation flexibility, strong adaptability and so on. It has been successfully applied in many sets of large domestic devices, and has achieved good economic and social benefits.Please consult our experts when choosing.