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Manyèl enstalasyon Mist Eliminator

Afiche sou 2020-03-18

1. Column Internals Installation Methods Summary 

Before the column internals installation, the manhole must be opened three days in advance to ventilate, when the oxygen content test Qualified, then can enter the column for operation.

1.1 The ladder and davit for installation must be in place, before the installation work.

1.2 When there are operators in the column to carry out construction, there must be special supervision outside the column.

1.3 If fire-work needs to carry out in the column operation, need to apply the fire work permits, the contact friction place between power supply and column shell should be added a layer of rubber to protect.

1.4 Use the hemp rope to transport the internals blocks to the bottom installation locations, during the hoisting, the operator at bottom should stand on the other side, in case of falling internal parts injured.

1.5 The operation lighting power supply inside column must be a safe power supply not higher than 24V.

2. Demister Installation

2.1 Demister installation should after the column pressure test qualified and cleaned, when installation, should be strictly in accordance with the drawing, to ensure the quality of installation.

2.2 The pre-weld parts and support part (such as support ring, support seat, support beam, press beam), need to delivery to the site in advance, and put in the column.

2.3 The installation workers install the pre-weld part and support beam in place.

2.4 After the support beams installed, install the demister. Install according to the drawing.

2.5 After the demister installed, install the press beam(if) in place, press the demister tightly with the press beam, and finally tighten the fasteners.

2.6 The sealing surface of the manhole and manhole cover and the bottom nozzle shall take protective measures to avoid smashing or clogging, when handling the demister, take it lightly, prevent the collision and getting dirty, and avoid deformation and damage.

2.7 The installation operators not allow to carry additional parts except the fasteners and necessary tools, after the demister installation finished, must check not to forget the tools in the column.