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Hump ​​Sipò

Afiche sou 2021-05-19

Hump support is a very excellent support for random packings, and it has has been widely applied .

The beam type gas injection packing supporting plate is an excellent bulk packing supporting device, which is widely used.Characteristics as follows:

1. Good rigidity, large allowable load, can reliably withstand all kinds of pressure imposed on it.

2. It has excellent hydrodynamic properties.

3. The gas and liquid flow channels are separated, the gas phase is sprayed to the packing layer through the side holes on the supporting plate, and the liquid phase flows to the lower packing through the holes at the bottom of the supporting plate, so the gas and liquid are unblocked and evenly distributed, and the entrapment between the gas and liquid can be avoided, allowing a large gas and liquid flux, and the liquid spray density can be as high as 240m3/ (m2.h).The pressure drop during normal operation is about 62Pa, and the maximum is less than 200Pa.

4. Filling particles or debris are not easy to block the orithole. For the packing less than DN25, a layer of 300mm high large packing can be built on the supporting plate first, and then stacked small packing.

5. Light weight and material saving.Can be made of metal, plastic, ceramic, graphite and other materials.

6. Single component structure, easy to install from the manhole.

7. The supporting plate of the three-dimensional structure is conducive to increasing the area of the opening, so that the area of the opening is about 100%.The principle of the opening area is that the opening rate must be greater than the porosity of the packing layer, otherwise the supporting plate constitutes a "bottleneck" area, so that the load of the tower is reduced. The opening area is related to the structure, material and diameter of the tower, generally accounting for 70%~100% of the cross-sectional area of the tower, and the metal supporting plate should be selected about 100%.